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Hi, i was cleaning my kitchen and i came across a letter from the council saying that me and my mum are about to lose our house that we’ve lived in for more than 10 years if we dont pay the rent.So its basically my family home. Anyway i just dont want to end up in care and my mum being on her own. Should i tell ny school or my social worker?

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Hi there,

Money problems can affect anyone, no matter who they are. They can mean that some things have to change – like where you live. They might also mean cutting back on spending – and selling things like your family car.

Whatever happens it's important not to worry about this on your own. If you ask your mum about the letter she might be able to explain it and what it means. The letter might sound scarier than it is. Whatever the situation, it will be better knowing what's happening. Otherwise you could get carried away thinking about what might happen and you could be worrying for no reason. Childline has advice about how to start a difficult conversation.

If the letter does really mean you have to move, knowing for sure is an important step towards dealing with this news. Getting the facts might mean a difficult conversation but once you and your mum talk about it, she should be there to support you. Childline has advice about homelessness – what it means, what you can do if you’re made homeless, and places you can get support in the UK.

If you talk to your mum and she doesn’t know how to support you, or can’t support you, then speaking to your social worker or someone you trust at school is a good next step. They should be able to help you to understand the situation and support you with deciding what to do next.

Whatever happens, Childline is here for you. You can talk to a Childline counsellor whenever you need them. You can also reach out to other young people on Childline’s message boards for support and advice.

Thanks for writing to me about this, I hope this letter has helped.

Take care,


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