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Hey ive been thinking about getting the implant for quite a while now as i started to have sex when i turned 14 i have been in a relationship for about a year now and wanted to get the implant but when i ring up my doctors i dont know what to say my mum knows about me having sex and she has spoke to me about it but i dont want to tell her im getting the implant untill i got it done can you help me with what to say to the reception when i ring up my doctors

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Hi there,

The contraceptive implant is available even if you're under 16 and you don't need your parents’ consent to get it. As long as your doctor feels you understand the information you’re told then you’re able to make that decision yourself. Your doctor may not agree to the implant if it could negatively affect your health but they still should keep that confidential.

The contraceptive implant is the most effective form of contraception against pregnancy, but it doesn't protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The implant can have some side effects that mean it’s difficult for some people to use. Other forms of contraception can be just as effective as the implant, as long as they’re used correctly. To find out more about all the types of contraception you can read about them on Brook's website.

If after talking to your doctor you feel that the implant is right for you then they’ll fit it for free either at your GP surgery or in a local sexual health clinic. It doesn't take long to do and isn't complicated.

To make the first steps you just need to make an appointment - you don't need to go into detail what the appointment is for when you make it if you don't want to. Each GP surgery will have their own way of making appointments - some are online, some by phone or some may need you to go in person.

If you don't feel you want to go to your GP the implant is available in other places too.  Sexual health and contraception clinics are available in most areas and might be able to see you faster than your GP. You can find what services are near you on the NHS website.

I hope that's helped you to decide what steps to take next. If you'd like to talk more, our counsellors are available to talk.

Take care,


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