Anti-Asian Bullying

During lockdown and the last year, there's been a rise in anti-Asian bullying. Being bullied or treated differently because of your race is wrong. It's not your fault and you're not alone.

If this is happening to you or someone you know - we're here to help.

Racial bullying can happen anywhere. Young people with an East Asian and South East Asian background have been called names, had jokes made about them and their families, been ignored or excluded and been told they must have coronavirus because of their race.

Young people have told us they felt scared and didn’t know what to do, especially when adults didn’t stop the bullying and sometimes made comments as well.

It’s wrong to treat someone differently or bully them because of their race. Racial bullying is a type of racism.

If it’s happening to you or you see it happen to someone else you can:

  • Report racial bullying at school to a teacher by telling them what happened. Tell your head of year or head teacher if the bullying continues.
  • If you or someone else are being called names, hurt or threatened somewhere in public, you can go somewhere where there are other people, such as a shop or cafe.
  • Tell an adult who can help and call 999 if you’re in danger or hurt.
  • On social media you can report online bullying, racist jokes and racist language you see. You can also unfollow the person, block them or create a new account for that platform.
  • Stay safe online by changing your privacy settings so bullies can’t see or comment on your photos, videos or posts. Or have a break from social media and deactivate or delete your account.

Our counsellors are always here to support you. And you can post on the message boards for advice from other young people. You never have to go through this alone.