Right To Be Me

There can be a lot of pressure on you as you grow up. And you might feel worried about a number of things like friendships, school and family. Or even how you look.  

We’re here to help you and anyone under the age of 19 with whatever you’re going through. Tell us what’s on your mind and we can support you. Or check out our advice on this page. #righttobeme

We're here to help

It's normal to feel anxious as you grow up, there can be lots of things playing on your mind and lots of changes that you’re going through. But you’re not alone, it’s normal to feel this way and there’s lots of people that feel this way too.

Whether it comes from people at school, friends or family, social media or films and magazines - negative comments and pressures to look or act a certain way can really affect your confidence and self-esteem. And make you feel sad too.

That's why we’re here to help you - to let you know that there are things you can do to help make yourself feel better. You have the right to be yourself.

Get support from us with whatever you’re going through. 

doesnt matter
what anyone else thinks
I'm me

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