Help! I’ve been asked to send a nude!

Being asked for a nude can bring up different thoughts and feelings. You might be flattered, worried, or you might be confused about whether you should.

Sharing a nude means you lose control of it, even when it’s with someone you trust.

There are lots of things you might be thinking about:

  • Whether other people would do it
    How you feel is what matters. What someone else chooses may be different, but that’s okay. Everyone is different and everyone can make their own decisions. You don’t have to send anything you don’t want to.
  • Not wanting to disappoint someone 
    Trust and respect are important in any friendship or relationship. If you choose not to send a nude, your friend or partner should always respect that if they genuinely care about you.
  • Whether anything could go wrong
    Lots of young people tell us that they regret sharing a nude. Once an image is shared, you lose control of it. Even when you trust someone, you can’t control who they’ll show it to, how long it’ll be saved and whether anyone else will be sent it.
  • Being threatened
    Nobody has the right to threaten or blackmail you. And sending nudes won’t stop them. If someone threatens you then block them, get support from someone you trust and talk to us.

If you’ve sent a nude image and wish you hadn’t, we’re here for you. Ask anyone with your image to delete it, and use Report Remove to take control and stop images of you being posted online. You can also talk to Childline about how you’re feeling about what happened any time.

Nobody has the right to pressure you or share a nude of you without your consent. Whatever’s happening, Childline is here to listen to how you’re feeling and help you find ways to cope.