Childline and the Premier League

The Premier League wants to help children and young people feel safe, respected and empowered.

Whatever is on your mind, the Premier League and Childline are here to support you.

Having fun and keeping safe

You have the right to be feel happy and safe anywhere, such as at school, at home or at your football club.

Some of the things you could be worried about might be:

  • Fitting In
    It's natural to want to fit in at places like school or at a club.
  • Doing Well
    You may feel under pressure to do well at school or at activities outside of school.
  • Being Bullied
    Bullying is when someone is mean to you on purpose, such as calling you names or hitting you. This is wrong and is never your fault.
  • Abuse
    • Physical abuse - This is when someone hurts your body on purpose.
    • Emotional abuse - This is when someone hurts your feelings on purpose.
    • Sexual abuse - This is when someone makes you do things with your body or their body that make you feel uncomfortable or scared.
    • Neglect - Is when you aren’t getting your basic needs met at home.
  • Staying safe online
    You have the right to be happy and safe online. Follow our online safety tips to stay safe.

What to do if you're worried

If you feel worried about anything then there is always help available, you never have to go through anything alone. No problem is too big or too small.

  • You can talk to a safe adult, this could be a parent or carer, a relative or someone at your football club or school.
  • You can talk to Childline, Childline counsellors are always here for you. You can:
    • Call them on 0800 1111
    • Talk to them online by 1-2-1 chat
    • Send them an email
    • Speak to them in British Sign Language by sign video
  • In an emergency call 999.

Coping with change

Sometimes it can feel hard when things change or your time with your club comes to an end. If you’re ever worried or upset about anything there’s always help available for you.

  • Talk about how you’re feeling
    It can really help. You can always to a safe adult or to Childline about how you’re feeling.
  • Remember what you’ve achieved
    Being involved within any club or out of school activity is  a really good experience. Remember all the things you have done, learnt and achieved.
  • Talk about next steps
    Talk to an adult about what you can do next after something has changed.