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You can get support and advice from Childline by:

Feedback on the survey?

We take all complaints about Childline seriously. Talking about how you feel can help us to support you and give us a chance to learn and improve. There are several ways to contact Childline if you’d like to make a complaint:

Speak to a counsellor

Our counsellors can talk to you about what’s happened and how you feel. They can support you and pass on your complaint if you want them to.

Make a formal complaint

If you make a formal complaint about Childline, it means we’ll give you feedback about what you tell us. You can make a complaint any time by speaking to a Childline counsellor, either by using the 1-2-1 chats or by calling for free on 0800 1111.

Making a complaint without speaking to Childline

You can make a complaint without talking to a Childline counsellor by emailing the NSPCC Helpline at [email protected].

Childline is part of the NSPCC and their helpline is there to support anyone who has a concern about a child. They can pass on your complaint to Childline to look into. But remember that talking to the NSPCC Helpline isn’t confidential.