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weight problem ;((

Could u pls help me because im always worried aboit my weight and when im dressing with every1 elses style i feel. Really uncomfortable becaise my weight is showing.pls help xx. 

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Hi there

Lots of young people contact me saying they feel worried about their weight and the way they look so you are not alone in feeling this way. It can be easy to compare yourself to other people but having confidence in what makes us unique can really help us to feel comfortable with the differences in each of us.

Perhaps you could try to think about all the things you do like about yourself, and try to remember when people make compliments about you. Writing these down in a diary or something you will look at regularly can help you to become more aware of them and feel more comfortable about yourself.

Many people worry about their weight during puberty, but as there are lots of changes to the body and your height at this time. It is important to talk to a doctor or nurse before changing anything about your diet or exercise plan.  A medical professional can advise you on how to stay healthy if you do need to do something about your weight. 

As this is something that lots of people worry about, it is something that people talk about on our message boards in the body image and self-esteem boards. You could take a look around these or even post if you felt able to.

You are always welcome to talk through how you are feeling with a ChildLine counsellor who you can talk to in more detail about your feelings. No matter how you are feeling there is always someone here to support you.

Take care,



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