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sad all the time dont know why

For some reason i find it hard to smile and i keep wanting to cry.

I feel like i can't tell my family or friends because i don't even understand what is wrong.

can u help me?

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Hi there,

Sometimes it can be really hard dealing with our emotions. Especially when it feels like these thoughts and feelings are stopping you from enjoying life. It might feel like no one is able to understand what you’re feeling and sometimes even more difficult to understand them yourself.

This can sometimes lead to feeling lonely and isolated. You may feel that you're suffering on your own. But it’s important to know that even if you feel unable to talk to your family or friends, you’re never alone.

Being human means that there’s no way of avoiding feeling sad. But negative emotions can be the way our unconscious mind lets us know that there is something to learn. And by learning we can grow as people.

There are things that could help you find your smile again, such as making time for yourself to relax. You could make time to do things you enjoy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of sleep and exercise. It’s also important to be being proud of the things that you’re good at. Sometimes when you have a lot of difficult thoughts and feelings to cope with, it can be useful to find a way to let them out.

Different things can work for different people, and you may find it helps to draw or to write or to find a creative way of expressing how you feel. It can take time to find out what’s best for you and it may be that by trying out a few things you will find the one that works for you.

Our counsellors are here support you, and you might find that talking about it helps you to understand what’s causing these feelings, and you may find that it helps you to feel more positive about the future.

The message boards are another place that offers support from other young people who may be going through a similar experience as you are right now. Sharing experiences can mean that you don’t have to bottle everything up and gives you the space to talk.

Take care,

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