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moving out at 16!

Hi, I'm 16 and I was planning on moving out and I wanted to know if your parents didn't want you to move out can they stop you, and also can they stop you if you want to move in with your boyfriend. I was planning on moving in with him after GCSEs but I feel like my parents will stop him, the reason for moving is that I moved from London to Bournemouth but I didn't think about moving because of me I did it for my mum so now I regret it so much because I was born and raised in London , I really wasn't thinkig about what I really want but now I want to move bacj and do college in London but as I said before I feel like they will stop me and I reallly dont want that beausce im reallly unhappy here!!

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Hi there,

Moving out is a big step and for many people this happens naturally when they get older. For some people things at home become too difficult and moving out becomes the easier option. You are able to move out at 16 but it's not always as simple as that and it really depends on your personal situation. The best thing to do is to get some advice specific to you.

Moving out is one of life's big moments and happens for most people in their late teens or twenties. For a lot of people it happens when they go to university or find work. Leaving on good terms and with the support of family can make the whole process a lot easier. Some people don't have this support and move out either because they are forced to or because they are so unhappy at home.

If you are over 16 then you can usually move out without permission of your parents. There aren't any laws that say specifically what age someone can live on their own but it's usually understood that 16 is the minimum. For someone under 16 when things are not good at home, they can talk to social services who are there to help.

Moving out is not simple and being 16 adds some extra complications. To sign a contract, such as a rental agreement, you need to be 18 years old - so you still need some adult help of some kind. This doesn't always have to be your parents but needs to be an adult willing to be responsible for you. You need to think about how you will support yourself - paying bills, buying food to eat and getting to and from college. If you are going to stay in education, you might find it difficult to work enough to be able to afford to live on your own.

If at all possible, it's often better to get the support of your family when moving out. This might mean making some difficult decisions and coming to compromises, such as living with other relatives or agreeing to move out at a later time. Everyone's situation is different though so it would be important to talk about your own circumstances. You can do this with one of our counsellors and they will help talk through your options and you can decide what you want to do.

I hope this has helped.

Thanks for getting in touch,


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