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Ive lied many times about some really horrible stuff and some people wont forgive me i need to stop lying! why is it that i always lie am i an attention seeker!
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Most people have lied at some point in their life. Sometimes there are things that can make you want to lie, like being scared to admit something you’ve done wrong or finding the truth too hard to say. The problem with lying is that it can be hard to stop and sometimes the consequences can be bad. The sooner you stop and get help for it, the better it is for you.

If you’ve done something wrong and people have found out, they can feel hurt and upset by it and it can also leave you feeling really guilty. Guilt can be hard to deal with but it can also help you to change the way you behave. It takes a lot of courage to think about yourself and to try to change how you act. It can help to get some support from someone you trust who can help and encourage you. 

If there's something in your life that is making you feel hurt and in need of people noticing you then asking for help can make a big difference. You are worth being listened to.

It may also help to get used to speaking honestly by being assertive and building confidence. If you are ever feeling guilty, you can talk to a counsellor and know that you won’t be judged.

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