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Idk what to do

im so mad at myself because i got into drama with my friend and. i threatened to send her nudes to people. i am literally so disgusted in myself looking back at the conversation and i feel so bad. we was on a gc and everyone said i was”sexually harassing her” i felt like a toxic person and im so stupid for it. Ontop of this, one of the people in the gc leaked a weird story about me when i was playing a game. i was playing with my friends and i thought it be funny to do a weird family roleplay. safe to say it got weird. keep in mind this was kinda recent … ugh and then another girly in the gc told me “ a birdy told me you was watching pornography”. i was so shocked i didnt know what to do. Most of the people go to my school and i dont want gossip to spread. im honestly so scared for tomorrow i dont wanna go to school.

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Hi there,

Sometimes we say things that later on we realise were a mistake. Nobody is perfect and everyone does this from time to time. One way way of dealing with it is to own up to what you said and agree that it was a mistake and apologise.

When we make mistakes it can feel like everyone is going to hate us or that people won’t forgive us for what we did. Usually though it doesn’t turn out like that and (depending what it was you did) people are usually more forgiving than you think.

Everyone knows that they’ve said things they regret themselves and so if you own up to it and explain that you regret what you said and want to try and fix it then usually people will forgive you and move on.

Sometimes though things can get out of hand and lead to retaliation or bullying, which isn’t okay either. Just because you said or did something wrong doesn’t make it okay for other people to bully you or threaten you. If this happens it’s important to talk to someone about what’s happening and not to stay silent – talking to a counsellor at Childline is one option. If you do this sooner rather than later it can stop it before it becomes a bigger problem for you.

I’m glad that you wrote to me – you’re right that what you did was not okay but I’m glad you’ve seen that it was wrong and are working to fix it.

Take care


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