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I worry too much

I wondered if you could help me on how to stop worrying.

I always worry about things i don't need to and I don't know why. Like on WhatsApp, I text my friends and I worry that i have upset them even though i know i haven't.

Also i school, my friend almost was seriously hurt and we ran after him, stopped him, and then told him to stop or we would tell a teacher. I worry that we've upset him and i am going to get told off.

Also when my cat goes out, I worry that he won't return well or won't return at all.
 I wonder if theres any advice you could give me on how to stop worrying over things i don't need to worry about.

Thank You

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Worrying is natural, but sometimes it can feel as though it's taking over everything. And keeping these anxious feelings to yourself usually makes them a lot harder to cope with.

Of the things you’ve mentioned, it seems that you worry about losing things you care most about. It’s natural to feel like you don’t want to lose something or someone you care about. But when those worries are there all the time it might be a sign you need to get some help.

Sometimes we might worry about things that are not very likely. It can help to remind ourselves that although bad things can happen, most of the time things tend to work out okay. Your cat has come back every day so far, so whilst it’s possible he won’t this time it’s more likely that he will.

Thinking this way on your own is hard, so it could help to have people that know how much you are struggling with worry and have them help keep your thoughts grounded. Having another person’s perspective can usually help to work out what’s worth worrying about and what’s not. You could try talking to someone you trust about how you feel.

There's lots of things you could try to manage your anxiety. You could also try something that helps you relax like drawing, listening to music or anything that you like doing which may help and distract you. Taking your mind off these thoughts is one way for you to cope with these difficult feelings when there’s nobody around to help.

You can always speak to a counsellor about how you’re feeling. And the message boards are a great place to seek support from other young people who are experiencing similar feelings as you are.

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