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I think my friend is self harming I'm worried

So my friend and I have seen my other friend playing with sissors and we are worried about her.We have seen her scars and I really worried.She also hardly eats at lunch she would buy something and then not want to eat it or she won't get anything at all.I want to talk to her about it but I don't think I want to tell her I know.So my friend and I are just so confused and worried about what to do.Please help
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Hi there,

It can be difficult to find out a friend might be struggling with things in their life and it’s natural to find it hard to know what to do. It could be important to let your friend know that they have your support. The advice about helping a friend page has some good ideas about where to start. You might like to suggest your friend look at the ChildLine website themselves where they can find lots of information and advice or talk to a counsellor. It could help to look at our information about self-harm.

Lots of young people use self-harm as a way to cope with difficult feelings. It’s important to try and not judge them for that. It can be very worrying when you feel a friend could be putting themselves at risk in this way. 

You might want to think about talking to an adult you trust as a way to get some help and support, for yourself or your friend. It’s important to do that when you feel ready to talk and to choose the right person to talk to. If you are not feeling ready to talk to someone in your life, ChildLine counsellors are always there to listen and support you.

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