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i have ADHD and ODD

hi  i have been diagnosed with adhd and odd i know what they stand for but not much about them. i have been given tablets for adhd and i have to take them every morning , i find it hard to make friends and socialise , i get into trouble a lot at school and i get angry easily  . the teachers at school dont understand my conditions properly and dont get the way my ''head/brain'' works its really frustrating  because i try not to get told off yet i do and even when ive done nothing wrong its always my fault   i fell so sad and depressed and i wanna escape those bad situations but i cant and when it gets too the point where i cant cope i end up self harming and feeling hopeless , i was hoping that you would give me some  advice thanks 
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Being diagnosed with a condition can leave us with a lot of questions and it can be hard to not have the answers. It is harder to cope with something that we don’t fully understand so finding out as much as you can is important.

When looking to find out more about your conditions, you may want to start by looking at the Young Minds website where you will find lots of facts on things like ADHD. You can find out about the medication you are taking at Head Meds. You can also read more about types of mental health problems.

It’s frustrating when people don’t understand a condition - there should be a teacher at school or a nurse who has an understanding of ADHD and ODD and you have every right to ask to talk to them. You could find out who that is in your school and talk to them about what you are going through as they may be able to help.

It can be very difficult when people don’t understand what it is like for us and blame us for things that are not our fault. It can feel confusing and isolating and no matter what you do you are still getting into trouble. Getting the people around us to understand what we are going through can be a big struggle but no matter what diagnoses you may have you still deserve to be listened to and treated in the same way as others.

Making friends isn’t always easy and is something many young people struggle with. A good first step is to fine people who have the same things in common with you - like similar music tastes or supporting the same sports team.

It can be very scary but talking to others and asking questions about them shows you are interested in them and may help you to get to know others. Take a look at the friendship page on our website for some tips on making friends. You can also find out more about asking an adult for help.

I hope this helps, but if you need to talk to someone, you can talk to a Childline counsellor at any time. They are there to support you.

Take care.

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