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Death of something I love

My guinea Pig died About an hour ago. I'm crying my eyes out and I don't know why. It was a big shock to me, I was just playing my iPad at 8:30am and I thought of feeding Milo. (Milo was our class pet and I got to keep him.) but I was too lazy to do it so I said to myself I would feed him at 9. When it got around 8:50 ish mums boyfriend came in and said Milo hard died. I was in shock so I didn't know how to react. And then mum came up crying so I knew it wasn't a joke. So when I saw her I started crying.


but anyway, after that story. I'm stuck here still crying and I want to sleep and die to be with him. I just need some help. I'm so confused.


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Hi there,

Losing a pet can be a very distressing thing to go through. It’s completely understandable that you feel so shocked by what happened.

It’s normal to experience feelings of loss when losing a pet. It can feel very similar to losing a person that you really loved or cared for. That means you can feel many different emotions such as shock or numbness, anger, guilt, fear, sadness and feeling low or depressed. There is no right or wrong way to respond to grief.

These feelings can be really overwhelming at first. It can be hard to imagine getting over the pain that you feel right now.

It’s really important not to cope with all of these feelings on your own, and for you to think about what extra support you might need to get through this time.

Crying can be a way of expressing the hurt you feel and how much you want to be with Milo. It sounds like your mum was also affected, so she might be a good person to try and talk to about the difficult feelings you are having. You are not to blame for what happened.

There are different ways of coping with loss that might be helpful. As well as talking about it, you could try creating a memory box, writing down how you feel, drawing pictures, listening to music, watching your favourite movie, and anything that involves being kind to yourself.

People cope in different ways and there is never any pressure for you to try any of these suggestions if you’re not feeling ready to.

There is support and ChildLine is here if you want to talk about this some more.

Take care,

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