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Confused about Scandals

My fave singer was acused of raping her best friend. I know that what she did was discusting and horrible, but i still like her music! And if i buy her music, im fueling her! I really don't know what to do. If I like her and push the rape claims away, i'm just helping her. But if i like her music but hate her i just feel like a hypocrit.

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Hi there,

Some celebrities can feel so familiar to us that they can disappoint and let us down as if they were someone we really know. Celebrities are just people and they can do good and bad things like everyone else. You have to make your own decision about how you react to news like this and be comfortable with your choice.

We all tend to build up a picture of what someone famous is like as a person. But in reality they may be very different. When they do or say something that breaks our image of them, it can be difficult to accept.

We're all different and everyone will make their own choice about how to react to a celebrity or someone they admire doing something wrong. Some people might be able to separate the person from what they did. Others might feel they can't support that person anymore. There's no right or wrong choice, it's really down to what makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes it might depend on what that person has done and whether it's something you can forgive them for.

A good place to start could be to think about what this person means to you and whether you feel you can separate their music from them as a person. Once you've begun to understand this it may be easier to decide whether you want to continue to be a fan of this singer or not.

I hope this has helped. You can also see what other young people think on our message boards.

Thanks for your letter.


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