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Can't stop thinking about the Manchester attack

hi i am from manchester. after the attacks I was terrified and felt completely and utterly broken. still do.

​I keep having horrid memories. I cant forget when my mum came into my room in the morning and told me there had been a bomb. she was crying and i thought everyone had died. I cant stop remembering how it felt feeling like my best friends had died.

​i keep remebering how i kept breaking down and crying to my mum every night for weeks after and how i couspnt go to lessons because i was distraught.

​i was terrified to go out to public spaces and to this day i still get anxiety going into city centres or crowded places.

​even in school i get really claustrophobic because we have gates all around the buildings and it makes me feel as if there is no way out and i woudlnt be aboe to escape if a terrorist attack happened.

​my mum thinks im fine. im not. my mind is so so foggy and i can never concentrate. i dont know what to do. i think about the attack at least 5 times a day. it has been like this since the attack.

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Hi there,

Terrorist attacks and national tragedies can affect everyone, not just the people who were there. When something terrible happens it can be difficult to think about anything else. What we think can often affect how we feel, so thinking about something so shocking will begin to affect how you feel as well. It can start a cycle that's difficult to break, so it's important to get some help and not keep this to yourself.

It can be hard to avoid worrying about the world when the news reminds us of all the tragic events that are happening. Sometimes it can be good to turn off the news for a while and focus on the people around us. When something like this happens it can also be good to avoid social media as there might be lots of people talking about what's happening - which isn't always helpful.

Coming to terms with bad news is a process that takes time and it can be easier if you don't keep it to yourself. Sometimes talking about how you feel can make a big difference. It can be scary to open up to someone but talking to a person you trust can help to understand your feelings and come to terms with them. This could be with a family member, friend or someone at school like a counsellor or teacher. Or you can always talk to a Childline counsellor.

The terrorist attack in Manchester affected lots of people and there is support available - whether you live in Manchester or not. The Manchester Attack Support website has all of the available help in one place. There’s support you can access over the phone and online. More information can also be found at the Manchester Resilience Hub.

Thank you for sending this to me, take care.


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