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begining to give up now

hi im k* and i really need help beacause i think im depressed. i am trying to get over a hair pulling disorder and i feel awful about it. there is one teacher at school who i really want to talk to but he doesn't take me for any subjects and he isn't my pastoral care teacher and i don't think he pays any attention to me. the other pupils at school always act all sarcastic about me and try to avoid me. i am really concerned because i keep doing the same jigsaw puzzle over and over again and i get really annoyed if someone interupts me. i talk to my self a lot and i really am so embarassed if someone hears me. my mum doesn't think there is anything wrong with me she says it is just hormones but i know myself it isn't. I just want to have attention sometimes and people to talk to but no one understands me. please listen to me because no one else will thanks


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Hi there,

It’s good to hear from you and I am glad you’ve got in touch. From what you’ve said it sounds like things have been really difficult for you. I want to support you as best I can.

I can hear that you’re really concerned about some of the things going on for you, and that talking to yourself, and the hair pulling are on your mind a lot. You’ve done well to recognise that there might be something going on for you and it's an important to know when things are not quite right and to ask for help.

Going to the doctor and getting a professional opinion could really help but I know sometimes it can be a bit scary to do this. The doctor would be able to assess how things are, they would also be able to tell you if it is hormones like your mum has said, or if there is something else. Some people find it helps if a friend of family member goes to the doctor with them.

Young Minds supports lots of young people with different types of mental health needs and issues like depression. Their website can be a good place to getting more information on some of the things you’ve described and what sort of support there is out there.

From what you’ve said it seems like you feel that school might be a good place for you to start getting some support. I know that it can help lots to talk to someone you feel comfortable with. If you feel that the teacher you mentioned is the best person to talk to you might be able to catch him at lunch or in break and explain to him why you have approached him. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a person who doesn't know us well, it can be easier to open up.

Also ChildLine is place that you can get support you with how things are for you. A ChildLine counsellor could talk over things with you and together you might be able to work out what you feel is the best way forwards.

How you get in touch with a ChildLine counsellor is up to you. You can send an email and log on for a 1-2-1 chat (like an instant messenger) , or you can call us on 0800 1111, free and without it showing up on any bills.

Take care,


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