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I'm screed about gowing on a plane tommorow  of crashing or  crashing into the sea
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It’s great that you thought about getting in touch with me. Lots of people feel scared about going on planes. If you start to feel panicky, it can help to take deep breaths and try and imagine being somewhere relaxing. It’s a good idea to practise breathing deeply at a time when you’re feeling calm.

It’s always important to listen to flight staff (people who work on the plane) when they explain safety procedures. You might find that knowing exactly what to do if there was any sort of problem can help you feel prepared. Flight staff understand that some people find flying stressful, and are there to support you on the plane.

If you feel able to talk to people you know, they might be able to support you and suggest ways to cope with your fears. Telling whoever you’re travelling with about your fears may be a good way to get support on a journey. You can also get support from other young people on the phobias message board. If your plane journey went well it would be great to share that as it may help other people who are feeling scared about making a journey.

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