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my cousin

my cousin is on drugs in America. Im extremly worried.  What can do to stop him???
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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting me. I can tell that you’re feeling responsible for helping your cousin to stop taking drugs. It can be difficult to help someone who is so far away from us and sometimes this can make us feel very worried, as you describe. What’s happening isn’t your fault and it might not be possible for your cousin to stop without getting support from professionals or adults. How do you think you’d feel about telling a trusted family member? 

If you wanted to suggest to your cousin about getting help for himself, he and his friends or family could take a look at Drug Free. This is an organisation for people in America only. When someone we care about lives abroad it can be important to stay in touch and there are many ways to do this, like email. Regular contact and support can also be important at a time like this.

If you’d like more information about drugs, there’s a UK website called talk to Frank which has lots of information and advice about drugs as well as support for people using them and their families who are worried about it. There is also helpful information on the ChildLine website about drugs.

This sounds like a difficult time for you both and if you feel as though you’d like to talk about it a bit more, you’re always welcome to talk to a ChildLine counsellor through our 1-2-1 chat or by sending an email.

Thanks for getting in touch.

Take care,


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