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I smoke weed and do ketamine ! Help :(

hi im a 14 year old boy and i have been through alot of hard things in my life, i have adhd , anger issues and when i was 11 i joined a gang of guys who all smoked weed and they got me into it. It felt good as an escape from what was happening at home but after a year smoking it i wanted more than weed,,, one of the guys in the gang aslo does ketamine and i tried it and i have been doing that fot the past year now! i am desperate to stop because not only are all the drugs making me paranoid and making me alot more aggressive, i am noticing physical changes as well! im alot thinner than i used to be and im usually alot paler. My mum used to know i took drugs but then i told them i quit a month ago. Since then things are getting alot worse and i dont know what to do anymore please help!
thanks from t
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It’s really brave of you to share so openly about what is going on in your life, and it’s also very courageous of you to be seeking some help.

It’s clear that you’ve been through a difficult few years, and you have a number of things that you have to deal with in your life too. You became involved in drugs because it felt like an escape for you, but now it’s seriously affecting your health and you’d like things to change.

You spoke about being part of a gang, which is where you became involved in taking drugs. You also mentioned that your mum knew you were using, but that she thinks you have quit. Having people around you who are supportive of you is really important at this time, and it might be an idea to think about who you want in your life that will be a positive influence on you.

Coming off drugs can be a challenge on many levels, but I can hear from your letter than you’re really determined to do this. It sounds like ketamine has had a big impact on your health, so it’s very important to get the right advice about how to stop using it safely. Having the right support in place will make it much more likely that you’ll get off the drugs successfully. There are a lot of free confidential services out there for young people who are concerned about drugs. Talk to Frank offers information, advice and support for young people about anything to do with drugs or other substances and you can call, text or email them 24 hours a day for support. Their website also has a page where you can search for a face to face service near you.

If you’d like to talk with a counsellor at ChildLine you’d be more than welcome to as well. They are available by phone for free on 0800 1111, or you can log in for a 1-2-1 chat (which works like instant messenger), or even send an email. However you choose to get in touch, the counsellors are there to listen.

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