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im not that rich im just 11 years old. It started in year 5 when i was 10 .My mum has'nt got alot of money.she has'nt got a job.i have a baby brother which is 7 months .we hav'nt got alot of food at home so sometimes we starve to death. Im scared to say that to my anyone.thank you for reading this
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter. You’re so brave writing to me.

I can hear you’re really worried about your family. It sounds like something changed at home last year which means you don’t have as much money now.

It isn’t your responsibility to worry about money. Mum as the adult should be taking care of you and your brother. Maybe mum needs some help with this.

It can be very difficult for families when there isn’t very much money. You and your brother should not be hungry though. Your mum has got a responsibility to make sure you both have all the basic things you need, like food and clean clothes, even when there’s not much money. If you don’t have these basic things, then this is neglect.

If mum isn’t working and gets benefits she could talk to someone to see if she’s getting all the money she’s allowed. There are people who can help her with this.
Mum could speak to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or social services about benefits. They are there to help families just like yours.

I know you’re brave because you’ve spoken to me about things that are scary to say to someone else. It would be a good idea to say these things to someone else as well, like a teacher. You’ve said your brother is only 7 months old, so not having enough food could make him really poorly. It’s important that your family get the help you need to keep you all healthy and happy.

If you wanted to get more advice or talk about how you feel you might also want to talk to someone at ChildLine. You can contact ChildLine 24 hours a day by logging on for a 1-2-1 chat (which works like instant messenger), by calling 0800 1111 (it’s completely free and won’t show up on the phone bill) or even by writing an email.

You’ve done the right thing to ask for help. Hopefully this letter helps you get support with changing things at home.

Take care,


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