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Family and drugs

Hi, im 15 so my problem is my dad and step mum. For a bout a year now iv smoked cannabis everyday at least a grams day. Last nigght I smoked a spliff in my room at my dads now the morning after he smelt it and questiond me thoroughly about it. Later on today he got drunk 5-6 beers (he's very small). Well basically what happend was him and my step mum awkwardly questiond me for about two hours I then burst out in tears and can't stop crying. I'm not even sure why I'm upset, all I need is another spliff to calm down. What's wrong with me
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Hello there

Thanks for writing to me about the problems you are having with your family and drugs.

It sounds like you have been smoking cannabis for a long time and it has become a habit for you. Smoking cannabis can have sometimes have side effects and these can include making you emotional. You might find it useful to look at the drugs page in Explore to find out more about how drugs can affect you. 

I can hear that you were put in a very awkward position with both your dad and step-mum questioning you for hours. The whole experience seems to have left you feeling upset and just wanting to have another spliff. Drug use causes concern for family members, especially if they feel it has been going on for along time and this seems to be the case for your parents. It would be good if you could maybe take a bit of time to look at the website talk to frank. There are a lot of ideas there about coping with drugs and what help is available to stop taking them if that is what you want to do.

You say that you feel there is something wrong with you; this sounds like a difficult time and you have been brave to get in touch and to ask for help. Maybe you could go on to the ChildLine website and talk to a counsellor; they could help you explore your feelings and what you would like to happen.  They will never judge you and you can talk to them in confidence.  You can talk to them using the free phone number 0800 11 11 or go online to use 1-2-1 chat .

Thanks again for writing and take care


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