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Do you think im bi sexual sam ?

Hey sam.

Iv been in High school for along time now and iv met a boy called charlie and i think i have a little crush on him, I Always try to too talk to him because his a really cute and nice person i love the way he is with his hair , and personality however i do catch him staring at me and he looks me in the eyes sometimes but i have fancied other boys too so im guessing i am

also sam do you have any tips for coming out because i hate staying with secrets and it builds up where people go gayboy as a joke to me and i just wanna say so what but i wanna release it slowly any tips


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Thanks for your letter. 

It can be difficult for some people to work out what their sexual orientation is. Sexual orientation means who you are attracted to, fall in love with and want to live your life with. Heterosexual (straight) people are emotionally and physically attracted to people of the opposite sex. Gay and lesbian people are attracted to people of the same sex and bisexual people are attracted to both sexes. Whatever your sexual orientation is, it’s normal. It’s also normal for your feelings on this to change during puberty; so for many people this can be a confusing and frustrating time.

Coming out is about being honest to yourself and to other people around you about your sexual orientation. The first step is to be able to tell yourself that you are gay or bisexual and to be able to accept this yourself. The next step is to tell someone else; someone you trust and will feel comfortable sharing this with. Telling someone else can be difficult and throughout your life you will always be meeting new people who you will either want to tell or feel you need to tell, so coming out could be seen as a continuous process. There is some information on the Childline website about coming out which you might like to look at.

You could talk to a counsellor at ChildLine about your feelings and coming out if you wanted to. You could explore with them ideas of what to say and how to go about telling people. You can talk to a counsellor confidentially either by free phone (0800 1111), 1-2-1 chat, or by sending them an email. You can also go to the message boards on the ChildLine website where you can see how other people are coping with a similar situation.

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