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My mum is moving in with my soon to be step-dad. This means I won't be able to continue at the same school for sixth form. I'm 16 and I know I can now decide where I live, staying at my current school means moving in with my dad. I know how hard my mum has worked to get us our new house, I just know that my education will benefit more if I stay at the same sixth form. I want to do MyA-levels here I just don't want to hurt my mum by moving in with dad after everything she has done - she's always said my education is priority.
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Hi there,

It can be really difficult when you have decided something about your life that’s different to what your parents have planned. It could mean you might worry about the impact this could have on relationships in the family.

Choices about education can be difficult and it might be important to take your time to make sure you are coming to the best decision for yourself. The making decisions page has some ideas about how to work towards that.

Telling your family you decision is important; especially if that means changes will have to happen like someone moving house. Finding the right way to do this could help them to appreciate the importance of the decision you have made. You know your family best, so perhaps have a think about what could work for you. You could think about arranging a time for all of your family members to be together or choose one person to tell first. If talking feels hard for you, writing a letter or some notes might be a way to start the conversation. You could also look at our advice on talking to an adult.

It’s natural to worry about the impact your choices will have on your family. It’s also important to remember that you have the right to make your own choices about your education and your future. The ChildLine counsellors will be happy to support you if you would like to talk to someone.

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