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Trouble Sleeping?

This is a minor problem compared to the many letters I've read on this site, but I'm having trouble sleeping at night and it's affecting how well I'm doing at school. I often find it hard to concentrate in lessons due to the lack of sleep. I get to about half 11 at night and decide that I can't sleep, this makes it impossible and I end up going on my phone to distract myself, or make myself sleepy. Too many things go through my mind and I want to shut off but I'm so active in the day, it takes a while. Any tips? Perhaps bedtime routines? Thanks x

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Hi there,

Struggling to have a good sleep can have a big effect on other parts of your life. It might mean you struggle to concentrate or you might notice changes in your moods. Either way, it can be really frustrating and feel hard to find a solution. There are lots of things you can try before bedtime to try to relax yourself and prepare for sleep. Some people find that writing down the thoughts that are going through their mind can help them to prepare to sleep.

Using technology like a phone, tablet or TV before bed or during the night may not be a good idea as they can stimulate the brain making it difficult to get to sleep. Our Problems sleeping page has lots of information about sleep and good ideas about things you can do to help you sleep.

You might like to think about whether there could be a reason that you are not sleeping. Sometimes, when there are things on someone’s mind it can feel more difficult to sleep. Talking to someone you trust about any worries you might have could be a way to start changing things if that’s something that is affecting your sleep. ChildLine counsellors are always there to listen and support you if you would like to talk.

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