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Should I work for love or money

Hi Sam,

All of my friends know what they want to be when they get older but I am torn between counsellor or a sports physiotherapist, but the only reason I want to be a physio is because of a pay... is this bad?

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Hi there

Making decisions about your future can be difficult. Whatever career path you choose needs to be right for you.  Your skills and what you enjoy doing might change in the future so it’s okay to keep your options open and have a few different ideas.

There are lots of things that motivate people at work and finding your motivation can help you to make the right choices. Money, loving what you do, feeling challenged, who you work with and helping others are some of the things that might be important. None of them are better or worse than the others - it’s all about knowing what things can affect the type of job or work you choose.

Feeling unsure about the type of job you want to do is natural. Lots of people don’t know what direction to take so it can help to get some careers advice and you can ask at school or college what support is available near you. For some jobs you will need qualifications or specific training and for some you can train as an apprentice. Your school or college library should have careers information and you can try the National Careers Service skills health check to find out what type of job might suit you.

Whatever you decide to do now, it’s always possible to change direction in the future as you learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. It’s all about finding a good balance between what you’re interested in, what you need financially and enjoying what you do.

Good luck and remember Childline counsellors can support you too if you want to chat about your options.

Take care,


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