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school changing

my mum and dad are thinking of me moving house and changing schools but i love the way things are. i love my friends who stick up for me and help me what shall i do 
thank you
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I’m really pleased that you’ve written to me as it sounds like your parents thoughts are really worrying you.

It seems like you do not really feel involved in these decisions or sure what’s going on. It can be hard when we feel left out of a big decision that will have an impact on our friendships and how we feel. I’m wondering if there might be a way of you becoming involved in big decision like these that will affect you. It can really help if you understand all the reasons behind the change and if your parents understand your concerns and worries. How would you feel about telling them you’ve heard about this, how you feel and that you would like to be involved in any planning?

It can be difficult to get across everything that you want to say when you talk to your parents especially if you or your parents get upset.  Some young people find that writing a letter can be a good way to explain everything and say how you’re feeling without being interrupted or getting emotional.  You can always talk to one of our counsellors for support with doing this and helping you think about what to say.

It sounds as if you really like your school and friends and it worries you that you may have to move away from both. It might help to think about what it is that you like about your school to help you when you look at new ones. When people move schools they usually make new friends but it can take a little bit of time. It might help to think about how you made friends before. Perhaps you could also work out ways that you can keep in contact with the friends you have now so that you don’t loose them.

Change can be quite scary and it can also be exciting but it can feel like a lot to think about all at once.  You can get support from ChildLine anytime you need it. Just being able to talk to someone about all your worries can really help – you can ring for free on 0800-1111; you can take up an on-line 1-2-1 chat or you can send an email but this can take us up to 24 hrs to reply.

You might also find our Message Board section of the website helpful – this is where young people help and support each other. There might be some posts similar to your situation already or you might want to start one yourself and see what other young people have to say to help you.

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