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scared of school

dear sam im scared of school and i never sleep and i feel ill all the time. the thing i am worried about is getting told off by teachers which does not sound that bad but to me it is a great deal please help
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Hi there,

Lots of young people feel afraid of school. When school is scary, it can be for various reasons. And it can be lonely for you. It can be helpful to tell other people what’s on your mind so that you’re not going through it on your own. You could think about letting the teachers know about how you’re feeling.

I can hear that you feel worried about being told off by your teachers, and it sounds like it’s been on your mind a lot. The teachers are there to help you learn. They also have a responsibility to try and support students and help everyone feel safe at school. If you don’t feel able to speak to them in person, maybe you could write them a letter or send an email explaining some of the things that are on your mind and how it’s affecting you.

You explained that you’re feeling ill and you’re not sleeping. It could help to speak to your doctor about this too. The doctor can chat with you about what’s happening and talk to you about the sorts of things that might help you feel better.

Please remember that you can also talk to one of our counsellors any time. They’re always there to listen and can help you to explore exactly what it is about school that scares you in safety and in confidence.

You have been brave to write to me about this. 

Take care,

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