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hi sam my freind has nits and i dont know what to do and i have to sit next to her HELP please she smels and she dirty finger nails and she borrowed one of my freinds cloths and wont give her them back i dont know what to do help .!!!!!
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Thanks for your letter. It sounds like you are quite concerned about your friend. I’m glad that you decided to write to me about this.

You’ve mentioned thinking that your friend has nits. It can be very hard to tell if someone as nits or head lice even if you look very closely. Anyone can get nits, no matter how clean they are. It sounds like this might be making you feel worried about sitting next to her. It’s important for you to know that head lice/nits can’t jump or fly. Your head would have to be very close to someone with nits in order for them to crawl to your hair.

If you’re worried about head lice you could talk to a school nurse or a teacher at school about it. They might be able to ask your friend’s parents to check her hair. If she does have nits then they can be easily removed using a special comb, lotion or spray.

Sometimes when a young person is having a difficult time at home they might not be getting the things they need to keep themselves clean and fresh. There are certain things that everyone needs in life. For example, enough to eat and drink, somewhere to wash, clean clothes and shoes and a comfortable place to sleep. It’s a parent or carer’s responsibility to make sure that young people have these things.

When someone is neglected they might not be getting these essential things. It’s often young people’s friends who are the first to notice something isn’t right. If you think that your friend might be having a difficult time at home you might want to think about talking to her about it.

Sometimes young people might feel embarrassed or scared to talk about not having the things they need, so if you do talk to her, don’t feel upset if she doesn’t want to say much. You or your friend could ask a teacher or another adult for advice and support, or you could let her know that she can speak to a counsellor at ChildLine in confidence.

You can talk to a ChildLine counsellor, whether it’s about your friend or about something else. You can call for free on 0800 1111 (even from a mobile) or you log on for a 1-2-1 chat (it works a bit like instant messenger).

I hope this helps

Take care


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