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To Sam


Hey sam,

Life is hard. Exams etc.

But i am now especially worried about

my speak dyslexya. btw i dont quite know how to spell that. My gcse's are coming up and I am really scared. This speech thing is driving me mad.


S* s*.

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Hi there,

Life can feel really hard when you have a lot to cope with. Having exams coming up might mean you feel under a lot of pressure. It could be really helpful to think about who can support you through this time.

GCSEs are an important part of school life, and they can be very stressful. But your teachers can help you if you’re finding things hard. Talking to a trusted teacher about everything that’s going on can help them support you. They might be able to offer you some help with coursework and revision.

If you have a learning disability like dyslexia, you may be able to get extra help with your exams. Your teacher could help to find out what you need to help you in exams. Your family doctor or GP could also be a good person to talk to about any disabilities you are coping with.

If you’re finding it difficult to talk about what’s going on, you might like to ask someone in your family to help you with this. You could also ask one of our counsellors here at ChildLine to help you talk to your doctor, your teacher or another adult you trust.

Some people find it easier to draw about issues they're having. Sometimes that's easier than speaking. You could use our creative tool to help you think about your feelings.

It’s natural to have some difficult feelings when you're finding it hard to cope. And getting the right support for yourself can be a way to overcome those feelings. Lots of young people on our message boards talk about their experience of disabilities, learning difficulties and other life issues so you might find it useful to have a look on there.

Remember, our counsellors at are always available if you'd like to talk more about this or anything that’s on your mind. They care about you and will be happy to support you.

Take care,

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