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Games, Revision & Parents (Not the best mix)

I am in Y11 and have only 4 weeks till my 6 weeks of exams start. Unfortunatly, i still like to play a PC game called Minecraft. I usually play on it with a few of my friends and we have a skype group which i must admit, is on quite a lot. Obviously, I have started to revise but because the skype call is on and minecraft is open (i do this because u can get certain items without actually playing on it) my parents think im not doing the homework or revision that I am doing. I am quite organised and always have homework done on time and I know I have lots of revision to do. I am getting on with the revision but my parents think that I get distracted too much because not everyone on the skype chat is revising. (Some are playing minecraft). I stay chatting to them because i dont like revising in silence and i dont get distracted by it but my parents wont stop going on saying 'You shouldn't be talking to them while you are revising'...'You wont get the revision done correctly'...'They will talk to you and you will get distracted and just "nip on" but you will be on for half an hour'. (I'm paraphrasing). I know myself that I am not getting distracted and I just want my parents to get off my back all the time so I can do it in my own time. How can I make this happen?
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Hi there,

Exams affect lots of young people. It’s natural to be experiencing mixed feelings at this time. It’s also completely natural that some people feel more confident than others. The most important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way to feel.

Everybody revises in different ways. Some people may like complete silence, but others might want some background noise. Only the person preparing for their exams can truly know if they are revising in the right way.

It can feel important to stay on social networking sites or online gaming as it’s often a part of everyday life. This can be difficult when exams are coming up as they need your concentration.

People who care about you will want you to do well. They might feel concerned about you becoming distracted. This can often be because they don’t want you to feel like you could have done better once you get your results.   

There are times in life when everybody needs to do less of something they really enjoy because something else is more important. This is somtimes called ‘prioritising’. It’s not always the fun option or something we want to be doing, but we know that prioritising can be important. It doesn’t mean that things need to permanently change. This is just a small change for now that can really help make the future better.

The most important thing is balance. It can be a stressful time, and so getting enjoyment from a game can help you. Doing something you enjoy can help make you feel less anxious about exams. 

You could think about having times for revision and then times for breaks where you can play. You could use this as a reward. This can help you look forward to the end of exams, as after the exam period you will have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Perhaps you don’t feel distracted or that it’s having any real impact on you. But ask yourself if being on Minecraft helps you or is it going to affect your exams and leave you feeling disappointed when they are over. Only you as an individual can answer that honestly.

Your interests will be around after the exams. Games can be really tempting at the time, but your future is important too.

You should make the right decision for you. Remember, you can get more support and advice about exam stress and revision tips.

Take care,

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