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Hello there, i am now 17 years old and i dont know what to realistically plan to be, can you believe that i still dont even know what i will pick for university? please help me to have ideas on what carreers i should think about pursuring. i would love jobs that i enjoy and wake up every morning and look forward to or at least not mind going to for such long hours that i will spend at work.
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Hi there,

Making choices for university courses can be difficult, and it's tough if you're unsure of the career you want to pursue after university. It’'s absolutely normal to not really be sure what you want to do. Lots of people still aren'’t sure even later in life, and that’'s okay.

Everyone is different so there’'s no set path you should take. The people who know you best are your friends, family and even the teachers you have now. Perhaps talking your options through with them could help. Look at the kind of things you enjoy, interests you have and the skills you possess that you can take into the workplace with you. These could include IT skills, communication, people skills. These things are useful when choosing a career. Get some tips on making decisions and advice for your future.

The UCAS website can help you as it guides you through the process of choosing which course is best for you and what subjects you want to study. It can also help you choose the best university for you.

The national careers service has lots of information about possible careers and what you need to do to start down any particular path.

While you're thinking about your future career, it may help you to look at any volunteering opportunities in your local area. These can give you an insight into the qualifications you might need and give you invaluable work experience too. Volunteering can include working with the young, the elderly, animals or working in the community.

Remember that it’'s okay to be unclear and it’'s okay to change your mind later. Often the best thing you can do is to take whichever courses you feel you will enjoy. If something fascinates you then it’s usually a good place to start.

And remember, whatever's happening at home our counsellors are always there to listen and to help you to think through your options.

Take care,

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