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a worried sister

Hello Sam,

Im writing this for my older brother. He is currently in sixth form and has a lot of work. He has dyslexia so it's even harder. He seems to be constantly be working and he's constantly upset or stressed about it. He is a bit of a perfectionist as well so he spend hours and hours on each piece of work. On top of this he doesn't know what he is going to do next year as he doesnt want to go to university. He has seeked help from school and help websites but all seem to tell him just to go to uni. Not all talented people need to  go to uni, do they?


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Hi there,

You’re absolutely right. Not all talented people go to university and it isn’t the only option for them either. Some people know from being very young what it is that they want to do for a living when they’re older and this helps them to make decisions. But it’s just as common not to know and it’s to take time to work that out. Feeling worried about the future is something lots of people talk to me about.

I don’t know how your brother would feel about talking to a ChildLine counsellor. It might be that talking with someone who could listen to how stressed out and upset he feels, could really help. ChildLine are there for either of you if you want to talk.

You said that your brother had looked at some sites before and not found them helpful. I don’t know which websites he’s tried but the National Careers Service site gives lots of information about qualifications and career options, and maybe you could share it with him.

Many young people also get support and help on the ChildLine message boards.If he’d like to find out what other young people are thinking about their futures and the decisions they have to make, he will see posts from others who have shared their story and experiences.

It sounds like you really care for your brother and want to support him. I know that it can be tough supporting someone having a difficult time, so don’t forget that it’s always okay to talk about how you feel. Whether it’s about your brother or anyone else, ChildLine counsellors are there for you too.

Take care,

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