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what should i do my mom doesn't want me to learn about puberty she threw the letter away what school give me about
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It can be difficult when our parents have different views to our school about what we should learn. Parents will have different reasons for wanting their children to learn certain things and not learning others. In some cases, it might be that parents would prefer to deal with this themselves. Or it could be that the parent or carer is not comfortable with talking about a particular topic. It could also be to do with religious or cultural concerns. It can help to ask a parent how they can help you learn about this and reminding them that it is an important topic.

It’s important that all young people learn about puberty. Between the ages of around 8-16 you will experience lots of changes happening in your body and your feelings. Learning about what to expect in puberty can be a good way of making those changes feel less scary and help to prepare you as your body changes and becomes more developed.

The kids health website also has some information you might find it useful to look at. You could also think about talking to an adult you trust like a teacher or youth worker.

Remember, you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor about puberty or anything else that’s on your mind.

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