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worried about my best friend

ok so my friend recently told me.. that she is affraid of her own father
she explained to me he was telling her stuff that kids shouldnt hear at her age, also he gets into aguments with her ALOT
she is a good person she wouldnt do anything wrong i dont know why her dad would be mad at her
sometimes she says that her dad says shes a failure to her family
any advice?
a worried friend~~
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Hi there,

Arguing with family members is common, and lots of young people write to me about it. But if someone is made to feel scared and upset by what someone in their family says that may be emotional abuse. It’s not okay. This kind of abuse can be really hard to explain to other people, but you’ve done a really good job explaining it to me.

Emotional abuse can be hard to cope with, but having a look at the message boards may give you some useful ideas that could help your friend to cope at home.

Looking at our website with your friend might make her feel more comfortable to tell you more, help her to realise that she’s not alone and that she can get help and support with what’s going on. There is a section of the message boards about feeling worried, so you could have a look there or post your own message for support from other young people.

It’s really good that your friend felt able to talk to you. Remember that being there to listen is a really important way to help a friend. You could also suggest to your friend that she contacts us or thinks about talking to an adult she trusts. It may help if you offer to go with her to talk to someone. It can be upsetting to hear about a friend’s problems so if you would like some support yourself you can also talk to us.

Thank you for getting in touch.

Take care,

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