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I've been feeling really down mostly because of my parents.please don't think I'm being a moody and selfish child when you read my letter. My parents were going to let me play out with my freinds if I did some homework so I did. After I'd done that they said actually you're not allowed to play out. I don't know why. Because I was really upset because in was excited about seeing my friends I went into my garden to chill out. Then my friends came round to knock on my door and parents refused to answer it. Now I'm really upset and this is just one of the times I've felt depressed. I hope you could help me and give some advice,

P.S can I keep myself anom please.

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Thanks for your letter. Getting confusing or mixed messages from your parents can be really frustrating. It’s natural to feel let down or upset in a situation like this.

Everyone has the right to say how they feel. Practising what you might like to say first can help you to feel more confident and ready to have an assertive conversation with another person.  Keeping calm and even making eye contact can help to make sure that you’re being heard.

Telling an adult about how their actions have made you feel doesn’t always change the situation but it can help you to get your point across and let your feelings out. It could also help your parents to understand what it's like for you and allow them a chance to explain their actions.

I’m glad that you thought about writing this letter. Remember you can come to talk to a counsellor confidentially about any of these problems whenever you want.

Take care,

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