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My friend sat with me on thebus but she wasn't very happy.So she told me why:Her dad had been drinking and didn't do much for familyand her my had dyslexia , and did all the work. She was also upset because her friend had ditched her to go play with her worst enemy and on the walkhome she walked back with someone we both disliked.We talked and her told her talk about to a counsellor on Childline and just relaxe and to a walk. But my question is Sam what else can I do, I just want her to feel safe.
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Hi there,

It can be really hard to see a friend going through a difficult time, especially when they tell you that they're finding things tough at both home and school.

School and home are two really big parts of a young person’s life. And when there are problems at both these places at the same time, it can make you really unhappy.

One of the best things for someone who’s having problems is having supportive friends around them. It can feel like we’re not doing enough when we’re the ones offering support. But often just being there to listen and be there for that friend is enough. You can also read advice on helping a friend that might help to give you ideas.

Feeling safe is really important, and everybody has the legal right to feel safe in their lives. It can be really scary being worried about someone’s safety, and if you’re ever worried you can contact our counsellors for support.

When somebody is brave enough to speak out and share that they are not feeling safe, this make you feel really worried and concerned. And it’s important that you don’t carry this news alone. You can talk confidentially to a counsellor at any time, they’re there to listen and support you. Or you could think about a trusted adult in your life, such as family members, teachers, youth workers and mentors.

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