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My dad throws books at me and gives me rug burn HELP

My dad has thrown books at me and given me rug burn by pulling me down the stairs while I'm on my back
He even slaps and hits my brother he uses the iPad to hit him. I have been so close to calling the police. Is it right for him to hit me or my brother? Is it ok for me to call 999
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter and well done for contacting me to get some support.

It sounds like the way your dad is behaving towards you and your brother is very upsetting and frightening. Nobody should be doing anything to hurt either of you and it’s not your fault that this is happening. You’ve told me that dad drags you down the stairs and throws books at you, and that he hits your brother with an ipad. All of those things sound like they could really hurt you. What your dad is doing is 'physical abuse' and it’s not right. It’s actually against the law to hurt a child like this. You might like to take a look at the Physical abuse page in Explore for more information.

You asked about whether it is ok for you to call 999. Any time you feel in danger or if you are hurt and need help it is definitely ok for you to call 999. The emergency services are there to protect you. Social services are another organisation who can help keep you safe. If you did decide that you would like to talk to them we can help you to do that.

It might also be helpful for you to think about whether there are any other adults around you that you trust. You could talk to them about things at home and ask for some support and help to get things to change. This could maybe be someone like a teacher or school nurse.

I understand that this might be a lot to think about. I want you to know that there is always someone here for you to talk to at ChildLine. You can just talk through how you’re feeling or talk about different possible options for getting help. We will try to support you in the best way that we can whatever you decide.

You can call ChildLine on 0800 1111 (all calls are free and don’t show up on the bill), or use the 1-2-1 chat (it works like instant messenger).

You’ve been really brave to write this letter.

Take care,


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