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i want to run away

I got into an argument with my mums boyfriend i feel like he hates me and is never gonna talk to me again. it seems like my mum is on his side and keeps standing up for what hes is saying. this makes me feel really unwanted and i want to runaway... like right now! but i dont have aywhere to go and i dont get pocket money so im broke...... please help...
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Hi there,

Thanks for telling me what you’re going through. From what you’ve explained, things have been really tough for you with your mum’s boyfriend and I can tell that it’s making you want to get away from the situation. You don’t mention how you get on with mum the rest of the time and I’m wondering whether your mum knows how much this is upsetting you and what it would be like to ask to have a talk with her about it. If you don’t feel able to talk to your mum about it on your own, perhaps you could ask another family member to support you in speaking to her. Some young people have told me they do not like the idea of talking to someone like this face to face but that writing a letter to that person instead has helped them to let that person know how they are feeling.

It’s really important that you can feel comfortable and wanted at home and I’m concerned that you feel like running away as it could put you in danger. Sometimes when we are in a difficult situation that we want to change we think about the quickest way of changing it. Often, this is not the best way as in some cases it can lead to further problems and difficulties - I think running away can be one of those times.

 If you feel as though that’s something you’re going to do, I want to suggest that you contact ChildLine to talk things through with a counsellor first. This would mean you could talk about your options and decide what to do so that you can stay safe. You can find out about different ways to contact them confidentially on the Talk page.

 If you ever left home and didn’t have anywhere to go, as well as speaking to ChildLine, you can also go to the nearest police station and present as homeless or you can call Shelter on 0808 800 4444. Their website also has lots of information for young people facing homelessness.

It’s really good that you got in touch and I hope you get the support you need at this difficult time. Please remember that it is important that you are safe and there are people available to help you do that.

Take care,


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