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How to tell parents somethings wrong?

For the past few months, I have been feeling really anxious and had tingly legs, that butterfly feeling in my stomach most of the time, quickened breathing and feeling teary. A couple of months ago at school, i had to leave my common room cause I felt these feeling very strongly, think it was mainly because of school stress but my 2 best friends said I had an anxiety attack. I always go to tell my parents the way I've been feeling but then I can never get it out.

How do I bring up the topic and the courage to tell them I want to go to the doctors?

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Hi there,

It’s very common to feel anxious, and it can happen for lots of different reasons. It affects people in different ways, from feeling a simple worry to turning into a panic attack. It’s important to remember that even though it can feel really scary, you’re not in any danger from anxiety or panic attacks. Finding ways to manage your anxiety can help you to cope and could mean preventing panic attacks.
Getting some support with your feelings could be a way to start looking for ways to stop feeling anxious. Your doctor will have information about options for treatment and support in your area. Some young people find that simply having someone they trust to talk to about anxiety can help with the symptoms. It can take a lot of courage to talk to someone about the difficult feelings you're having. But it can help to think about who you feel able to trust, and to take some time to plan what you'd like to say to feel less nervous and ready for the conversation.

Letting the person know you'd like to talk to them might help them to make sure they have enough time and space to really listen. You might like to think about writing down what you want to say to prepare or have it with you as a reminder. You might like to ask the person to read what you have written if talking feels difficult for you.

You can talk about anxiety with a ChildLine counsellor, they could support you with finding ways to manage your feelings or with preparing to talk to someone. Whatever is on your mind, they are always there to listen and support you.

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