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Hi sam. My parents split up in december and my brother almost comitted. I remember the night like it was yesturday! My dad might be moving back to london and i cry everynight. I cut myself and it kills me inside too. Help me. I tried talking to the counsellors 1) they never answer and 2) they try and get you to leave the chat. They didn't help. They make me feel more unwanted.
Sam Help me I'm scared!
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Hi, I can feel how upset and scared you are; it seems that everything you care about is in crisis.

What is happening to your parents is very sad but it is their decision to split up. I know it affects you a lot, but you're not responsibile for your parents relationship, it is not your fault and you are not alone. It might help to have a look at the information in Explore about Divorce and separation and what other young people are saying on the Separation and Divorce message boards

When someone tries to taken their own life, it can be extremely upsetting for everyone around them. Some young people feel confused and do not understand why this has happened. Others feel guilty and wonder if there’s anything that they could have said or done to prevent it. Others feel angry at what happened and even some embarrassment. These are all natural reactions, but your brother's actions, although upsetting, are not your fault. Being someone in his life that cares is the best way to help your brother to feel better. You are not responsible for stopping your brother from hurting himself. If things get frightening when you are with him, it’s important to get support and not just deal with it on your own. If your brother has a plan or has done something to seriously hurt himself, get help straight away by calling 999 for emergency assistance. 

I am really sorry that you felt let down by the counsellors when you tried to ask for help. I am sorry you didn't get answered when you called, ChildLine do try to answer every call. It feels as though the counsellors you spoke to on the chats weren’t able to help either. Could you give ChildLine another chance to help you? Will you talk with a ChildLine counsellor again either by phone on 0800 1111 or 1-2-1 chat and explain to the counsellor what has happened in the past? They do care about you and do want to help.

It might make it a little easier for you if you think about preparing what you want to say to the counsellor before you contact. Have a read through the information on the pages I've linked to; write down a few sentences explaining how you have tried to talk before and what happened, and a sentence about what you would like to talk about. You can then cut and paste it into the online chat message box and the counsellor will be able to see what is upsetting you as soon as the chat starts. Hope this helps.

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