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hi there i wanted to write to u to talk about whats been going on with my mum and dad latey they have been fighting but not in a violent way i mean by wordsd can i have some advice plz xxxx
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Hi there,

It can be very upsetting when parents are arguing a lot at home and it could be important to remember that it is not your fault.

It’s normal for family members to disagree and argue sometimes but it can feel difficult when it happens a lot. It can mean a change to the atmosphere at home, and it can also be very difficult to listen to and be around. We have a page on family relationships with some information that you might find useful.

You might like to try talking to one or both of your parents to let them know how the arguments are affecting you. Sometimes the people close to us do not realise the effect their behaviour can have on us, and we need to tell them. Our page on asking an adult for help has ideas for helping you to prepare to talk to an adult.

When there are arguments happening at home, it might make you feel uncomfortable or sad and it’s a good idea to think about how you can cope with those feelings. Talking to an adult you trust can be a helpful way to cope - you could think about talking to a teacher or a relative. ChildLine counsellors are always there to listen and support you.

Keeping busy by doing something you enjoy and spending time with friends can be good ways to cope with difficult feelings. Perhaps there are things you could try that you enjoy or that you already have as hobbies.

Take care,

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