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does this count as domestic abuse?

Hello Sam! So this is a question about domestic abuse, i know what it is but does it count as domestic abuse if it only happens when arguments get out of control, and only on the odd occasion? Thank you x
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Hi there,

Domestic abuse is when a grown up threatens, bullies, or hurts another adult in your family. It doesn’t really matter how it happens or if it only happens the odd time. It is still domestic abuse.

Family arguments are very natural and while they can be upsetting to see, they do happen in everybody’s family. However, if fights do get out of control and become violent then it becomes domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is also called domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is wrong and it is not something you should have to witness within your home. It can be very harmful both physically and emotionally to the person experiencing the violence. Even if the violence isn’t directed towards you, it doesn’t mean you don’t get hurt too. Witnessing or hearing domestic abuse can be very scary, hurtful and upsetting.

If there domestic abuse has happened in your family, it's not something you should have to witness and live in fear of. If you felt you needed some more support you could try talking to somebody you trust. Perhaps this could be a trusted adult in your family, a teacher, or a youth worker.

Remember that ChildLine counsellors are always available to listen and give you support and advice. Also if you feel safe to try it, you could try speaking with your parents about how this situation is affecting you. Writing a letter can sometimes be a good way to do this.

You can also read our page about domestic violence, which has some useful links to other websites too.

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