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Hi sam,

this is really hrrcible for me and i need some advice. I have watched porn before and i was always disgusted with myself after i watched it. I hadnt watched or read anything for months but i just read some stories about sex. i dont know why i did this and i am really ashamed and disgusted with myself. i feel like i cant look anyone in the eye again knowing that i have done this. i really need some help on what to do and reassurance.

Do other people in their tween/teen years do this or i am messed up?

thank you for reading this

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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter. Porn is something that a lot of young people are curious about. It’s normal to be interested in porn and to even want to watch it. It’s important to be careful, though, as it is meant for adults and watching porn may also mean seeing things you don’t expect or that you find upsetting.

Having watched porn doesn’t mean that you’re messed up. At the same time I can see that it has been having a negative effect on you. Different people feel different things after watching porn. It can be natural to feel excited, aroused, confused, ashamed or even offended.

I got the sense that you’ve been doing a lot to try and avoid porn, and whenever you break from doing that it leaves you feeling ashamed and wanting to start all over again.

Watching porn can be a lot like other things in your life — if you do it too much and it starts to affect the other things you enjoy then it’s important to think about ways you can break that habit. Sometimes that can just be thinking about other ways to distract yourself or fill your time away from where you normally watch or read it.

Most of all, it’s important to feel comfortable with yourself and what you’re doing. There are certain types of pornography that are illegal, and porn isn’t made for children and young people to view it, but it’s not against the law to make the choice to watch porn. You can read a lot more about porn and the effect it may have on you over on our page about Online Porn.

ChildLine counsellors are there to talk to you about anything that might be happening. You can speak to them any time and they’re never going to judge you or tell you what to do.

Take care,


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