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My girlfriend is pregnant at 14

Hi, My girlfriend who is 14 is currently pregnant. But it seems I can't say anything. Shes having a scan this week but apparently I can't be their (her mum has said) yet she wants me to be their for her. And I want to be their. Her parents keep trying to force her to have a abortion but I wouldn't be able to cope with that. Let alone her. Even if it means putting up a baby for adoption. I could live with that more than a abortion. Can you give some advice please? Thanks
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Being the father of a baby is a big deal and I can hear how much you want to be there for you girlfriend and the baby. Sometimes, being a young dad can mean that people don’t take you seriously. But your opinions and feelings about the pregnancy are very important.

No one should be forcing your girlfriend to have an abortion. That has to be her choice. At 14 it may be hard to be pregnant or bring up a baby. But these things can be overcome with the right support, if she would rather carry on with the pregnancy.

It sounds like you care and are willing to be there for your girlfriend and you have the right to support too. But it's a big decision for anyone to make, and it might help talking to an adult you trust about what's going on.

I recommend contacting your local social services to ask for advice about this situation. It may be that a social worker can advise you about your rights and give you and your girlfriend support. You could ask The Mix to put you through to your local social services on a call.

Your girlfriend may like to talk to Brook who can give her support with her pregnancy and the situation with her parents. And remember that our counsellors are always here for both of you too.

Thanks for your letter. I’m glad you’ve got in touch. It sounds important that you can have support to have your voice heard at the moment. I hope this helps.

Take care,

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