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Late period and pregnancy

Hi , right I know this will sound extremely stupid I am 13 , but my period is about 3 weeks late and I am really concerned , even though I know it's impossible for me to be pregnant because I have never had any sexual contact , but I was woundering if you could tell me why my period is so late ? Because I am really worrying that there is something Wong ? Is it possible to be pregnant without having sex , like of a toilet seat if there was sperm in it ?
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Hi there,

Lots of young people have questions and worries about their periods and whether or not they could be pregnant. For a natural pregnancy to begin, sperm has to come in contact with your vagina. So it’s not possible to get pregnant from sperm on a toilet seat. 

When periods stop, it’s natural to wonder why - but it can be very common for periods to happen at different times when you first start having them. This means that they might stop and start for a while before settling down – it doesn’t mean anything is wrong or that you are pregnant.

I don’t think your question is stupid and it’s something I get asked a lot. If you are ever worried that you could be pregnant then the best way to find out is to take a pregnancy test. You can get these for free and confidentially – Brook will be able to tell you where from.

If you are still worried about your period not coming then you could always talk to a doctor, school nurse or someone at home. Periods are totally normal, so try not to feel embarrassed about talking this through with people. If you are struggling to do this or just want to talk this through some more then you could always talk to a ChildLine counsellor at any time.

I hope you‘ve found this useful.

Take care,

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