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Is it illegally to buy a condom at 14

well im trying to buy a condom but im just to scared to the fact that i might not be able to by them and when i search for anything about age for condoms to by all of them dont really hit the point


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Hi there,

Condoms and other contraceptives are free for anyone under the age of 25 in the UK. It's not illegal to buy or use them even if you're under 16. You don't need a parent to come with you and your visits to a sexual health clinic or doctor should be kept confidential - unless you tell them something which they feel puts you in danger.

You can get free contraceptives at a sexual health clinic - some of which are specifically for young people. You can find your nearest clinic on the NHS service finder. You can also get them for free from your GP or from an NHS walk-in centre.

You can buy condoms from a supermarket or pharmacy if you like. There's no law saying you have to be a certain age. Some towns have schemes where you get a special card that allows you to get condoms for free from shops as well.

I hope this has answered your question but if you want to talk more, you can speak to our counsellors about this.

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