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I like someone who doesnt like me back...

i am a 13 yeae old teenager goung through puberty yet the hardest thing im going through is that there is this guy who i reallyyy like but he doesnt like me in that way and he just wants to be friends. and i can competely deal with that but... he is just so nice soooo good looking funny smart and everyone always says we will be a cute couple and to top it all off!!! we kissed before it was a dare but he gave in as everyone wanted him to (bearing in mind i only liked him as a mate before) and it was technically my first kiss EVER so i am under the love spell and i cant get out trust i have. so can u please help meeeee
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Hi there,

It’s natural to feel excited when you experience something like kissing for the first time. Your body goes through a lot of changes through puberty and these changes can come about as you start to produce hormones. This is the same for both girls and boys and dealing with these changes can be stressful.

Relationships and having feelings for someone can be complicated. And it’s important to remember that everyone is different and there is no set time for being in a relationship. If the person feels the same as you then it could be the start of something. And it could be worth asking if they feel the same way.

But if you develop feelings for someone that they don’t share, it can be painful and difficult to get past. You might feel embarrassment, rejected or really sad. Talking about these feelings can really help you deal with them and give you the space to be able to move forward.

It’s important for you to know that you can talk to a counsellor about anything at all. The counsellors are there to listen and to support you whenever you feel you need it. You could also talk to other young people on the message boards.

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